What Size Is Youth Large? Large Size Pants, Age and Clothing

The youth large size category is suitable for both children and adults since the sizes are in between. When on the search for a Youth Size Large, it’s crucial to consider how the outfit fits on the body. Youth Size Large clothes may be too big or too small for older children.

When you’re in the market for a new piece of clothing, understanding the various sizes is key. This knowledge comes in handy to steer clear of purchasing something that doesn’t quite fit and subsequently dealing with the hassle of returns.

In this post, we’ll delve deeper into strategies for making sure you get the right fit when shopping for Youth Size Large.

What Size Is Youth Large?

A “youth large size” is a clothing measurement primarily designed for teenagers and young adults. It’s notable for being larger than the standard adult sizes, although the specific dimensions can fluctuate between different clothing brands.

Youth large sizes also extend to footwear, offering a practical choice for youngsters with bigger feet. Generally, these sizes are designed to deliver a relaxed, roomy fit, ensuring comfort for the wearer.

Youth Size Chart

When you shop for children’s apparel, most stores offer a helpful tool: the youth size chart. This chart serves as a valuable reference to help you determine your child’s size.

As you consult a youth size chart, it’s important to bear a few key points in mind:

  • It’s important to recognize that children experience growth at their unique rates, resulting in variations in size compared to their peers. 
  • Additionally, it’s worth noting that different brands and styles may have distinct fits.
  • When you refer to a youth size chart, you’ll come across two key measurements: chest/bust and waist. 
  • The chest/bust measurement spans from the child’s armpit to armpit, while the waist measurement is taken at the child’s natural waistline, typically just above the belly button.
  • To pinpoint the perfect size, start by measuring your child. 
  • Then, consult the youth size chart to find the corresponding size for those measurements. 
  • It’s important to be aware that adjustments may be necessary, depending on your child’s physique and the garment’s fit.
  • Employing a youth size chart is a reliable method to guarantee you’re choosing clothing that fits your child comfortably. 
  • With a bit of attention to detail, you can select outfits that not only suit well but also ensure your child’s comfort.


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)20”, 19”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)22”, 20”
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)24”, 22”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)26”, 24”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)28”, 26”


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)20”, 11”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)22”, 12”
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)24”, 13”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)26”, 14”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)28”, 15”


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)25”, 21”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)27”, 22
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)29”, 23”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)31”, 24”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)33”, 25”


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)7.25”, 4.25”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)8.25”, 4.75”
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)9.25”, 5.25”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)10.25”, 5.75”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)11.25”, 6.25”


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)25”, 21”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)27”, 22”
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)29”, 23”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)31”, 24”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)33”, 25”


XS (2-4)XS (2-4)XS (128)25”, 21”
S (6-8)S (6-8)S (140)27”, 22”
M (10-12)M (10-12)M (152)29”, 23”
L (14-16)L (14-16)L (164)31”, 24”
XL (18-20)XL (18-20)XL (176)33”, 25”

Youth vs. adult sizes: what’s the difference?

Typically, there’s a variance of about 1.5 to 2 sizes between youth and adult sizes. For instance, a youth size 8 shoe roughly aligns with an adult size 6 shoe. This correlation arises from the natural progression of foot growth as individuals age.

Yet, it’s important to note that exceptions exist to this rule. Some youth shoe sizes can be notably smaller compared to their adult counterparts, while others may surprisingly surpass adult sizes in terms of dimensions. If you don’t know what size is youth small then read it here.

How should you buy a youth size large?

  • To begin, it’s essential to take accurate measurements of the child’s chest and waist to guarantee a proper fit.
  • Additionally, factor in the child’s level of activity and the specific purpose of the youth size large garment.
  •  For instance, if the youth size large item is for sports, the size should ensure comfort during physical activity.

What stores sell youth-size large clothing?

When on the hunt for youth-size large clothing, your primary options are department stores and specialized shops. Alternatively, you can explore online retailers, but exercise caution and delve into the reviews before making any purchases.

what size is 10/12 in youth shirts

Online platforms can offer diverse selections, but note that not all websites are equal. Some might feature items that run too small or too large, and they may not align with the fabric and fit you desire. Reading reviews can inform you and help you make an informed choice.

What is a youth large in men’s size?

To select the right clothing and footwear for youth large in men’s sizes, it’s crucial to grasp the significance of this category. A youth large in men’s sizing typically describes a teenager who boasts a taller and broader physique compared to their peers.

These clothes and shoes should fit comfortably, unlike those designed for teens of average size. In terms of men’s clothing, a youth large is generally akin to a medium.

When you embark on your shopping journey, make it a priority to seek out brands and styles explicitly designed for larger frames. For apparel, opt for pieces with a relaxed or oversized cut, ensuring a comfortable fit. 

Likewise, when it comes to footwear, opt for styles featuring a broader toe box and a slightly higher heel for enhanced comfort and support. Discovering the perfect clothes and shoes gives you the confidence of a perfect fit. You can also read about youth size medium with ease here.

Youth Extra Large: What Size Is It?

In general, many people would equate a youth extra large to an adult medium or large size. However, it’s worth noting that depending on the specific brand, an adult size large might prove slightly oversized for a youth extra large, making a size medium a potentially better choice.

What size is a youth large in Under Armour?

If you’re wondering about the sizing for a youth large in Under Armour, it’s important to note that Under Armour specializes in sportswear tailored for active lifestyles. Various sizes are available for men, women, and children.

Among their popular offerings are athletic apparel such as shorts, T-shirts, and sports bras. To provide a definitive response to this question, we referred to the sizing chart available on the Under Armour website. According to their chart, a youth large aligns with sizes 14-16, or a medium to large for adults.

What size is a youth large jersey?

A jersey is made of durable, heavyweight fabric with a v-neck collar. Versatile garments are available in a wide choice of colors and feature a player’s name and number for an extra touch of individuality. An adult medium-large is equivalent to a large youth jersey in size 10-12.

Young athletes or youths with larger frames will find it comfortable.

What is a youth large clothes in women’s sizes?

In the world of women’s sizes, “youth large” serves as a term within the clothing industry, signifying a size that falls between the realm of children’s sizes and standard women’s sizes. Typically, this size is sported by pre-teens and young teenagers.

You can find the youth in large sizes in both boys’ and girls’ clothing collections, and it’s designed to accommodate older children who may be taller or heavier than their peers.

To put it into perspective, a youth large size generally aligns with a medium to large size in the adult clothing category, applicable to both men and women. You can also explore Youth XS size details here.

What size is a Nike youth large?

In the United States, a Nike youth large typically equates to approximately a size 6. This sizing is generally suitable for most children aged 10 and under. Nike provides an array of youth sizes that are suitable for both boys and girls.

It’s crucial to measure your child’s foot accurately before investing in a new pair of shoes to ensure the perfect fit.

What is the size of an extra-large youth pant?

As per the sizing charts commonly found on clothing websites, a youth extra large aligns with a size range of 16-18 in pants. Accordingly, the waist measures around 33-36 inches, while the inseam is around 29 inches.

What is the equivalent size of a youth large?

A youth large typically fits a medium size compared to adult sizes, though this equivalence can vary depending on the brand. Brands may offer different sizes for youth depending on their sizes, with some offering smaller or larger youth sizes.

What is the size of a youth extra large shirt?

A youth extra large shirt is generally designed to suit individuals approximately 13 years old with a chest measurement of about 36 inches. If you’re in search of a slightly roomier fit, it might be worth considering a youth XXL shirt. This size is tailored for those around 14 years old with a chest size of around 38 inches.

What is the size of a youth large Gildan?

When it comes to Gildan, a youth large generally translates to a size medium in the adult category. This sizing is typically well-suited for most youths, though it may run a tad large for very young children. Gildan stands out as a favored brand, particularly known for its quality in t-shirts and similar apparel.

For kids aged 10 to 12, their youth large size is a great choice.

What is the size of a youth large hoodie?

A youth large hoodie is usually around 18 inches in width and 26 inches in length. A person between the ages of 10 and 12 can comfortably fit in these dimensions.

What is the size of a youth large short?

Youth large shorts usually come in at about 18 inches in length, placing them on the longer end of the shorts spectrum. For children ages 10 to 12, they’re designed to accommodate a waist size ranging from approximately 28 to 33 inches.

These shorts prioritize comfort and offer ample room for easy movement. They’re an ideal choice for engaging in activities like sports or simply enjoying time with friends.

A youth large is what size for kids?

Adult sizes are typically categorized as medium, while children under 13 generally fall within the waist range of 28 to 34. However, it’s important to note that sizing can vary based on individual body types and may also be influenced by factors such as clothing style, brand, and manufacturer.

To get the right fit for your child, taking accurate measurements is crucial. For shirts and tops, focus on the chest area, while for shorts and pants, pay attention to the waist measurement. When it comes to shoes, measure between the heel and longest toe.

What size is youth large in adults?

A youth large size generally aligns with an adult small or medium, but this can be subject to brand variations. In some cases, a youth large might correspond to an adult small, whereas with other brands, it could be more in line with an adult medium.

To pinpoint the perfect fit in adult sizes for a youth large, it’s advisable to try on the garment. If you’re making an online purchase, be sure to consult the size chart provided to guarantee you’re selecting the accurate size.


Now you know what size is a youth large. Determining the size of a youth large can be a bit challenging, as it can vary significantly between brands and manufacturers.

It is essential for parents and guardians to refer to specific sizing charts provided by the brand and take into consideration the child’s age, height, and body measurements to make an accurate selection.

While Youth Large is generally designed for older children, the precise dimensions may differ, emphasizing the importance of careful sizing consideration to ensure a comfortable and well-fitting garment.

Ultimately, understanding the unique sizing guidelines of the brand in question is key to finding the perfect fit for a growing child.