Wordbrain Werewolf Answers

By | September 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Werewolf Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Werewolf 1 – murder, religion, journal, destroy, target, increase, manner, modern, discussion
Wordbrain Werewolf 2 – mutual, talent, preserve, exercise, quarter, weapon, treaty, bronze, requirement
Wordbrain Werewolf 3 – Corridor, Actress, Unlikely, Operate-Output, Adjust, Recall, Butter, Elementary
Wordbrain Werewolf 4 – Common, Moment, Spanish, Swimming, Explode, Stomach, Merger, Election, Confusion
Wordbrain Werewolf 5 – Inform, Evaluate, Assign, Undergo, Mainly, Visitor, Survival, However, Political
Wordbrain Werewolf 6 – Actually, Chemical, Anymore, Charity, Button, Church, Tomorrow, Absolute, Engage
Wordbrain Werewolf 7 – Partly, Ideology, Useful, Building, Smooth, Another, Envelope, Weekend, Constant
Wordbrain Werewolf 8 – Particle, Remote, Remove, Complete, Fighting, Mortgage, illness, Flavor, Fighter
Wordbrain Werewolf 9 – Engineer, Surface, Revenue, Favorite, Active, Stroke, Display, Either, Emergency
Wordbrain Werewolf 10 – Little, Everyone, Depend, Possibly, Morning, Finger, Couple, Slightly, Supporter
Wordbrain Werewolf 11 – Object, Toward, General, Tragedy, Progress, Receive, Curious, Peasant, Mechanism
Wordbrain Werewolf 12 – Killer, Mistake, Educator, String, Future, Clearly, Fabric, Headline, Settlement
Wordbrain Werewolf 13 – Reality, Mental, Elderly, Cottage, Motive, Straight, Income, Discover, Important
Wordbrain Werewolf 14 – Problem, Collapse, Content, Length, Borough, Customer, Therapy, Monitor, Comfort
Wordbrain Werewolf 15 – Abroad, Achieve, Severe, County, Symptom, Sergeant, Strongly, Conduct, Encounter
Wordbrain Werewolf 16 – Wedding, Domestic, Creditor, Distinct, Despite, Strength, Crystal, Responsible
Wordbrain Werewolf 17 – Request, Capable, Totally, Equity, Builder, Darkness, Greatest, Subject, Promise
Wordbrain Werewolf 18 – Worker, Medicine, Control, Romantic, Abandon, Helpful, Purchase, Pressure, Share
Wordbrain Werewolf 19 – External, Assault, Report, Crisis, Involved, Merely, Rarely, National, Variation
Wordbrain Werewolf 20 – Unless, Enormous, District, Expect, Withdraw, Member, Sequence, Patient, Cooking

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