Wordbrain Vampire Answers

By | September 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Vampire Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Vampire 1 – Percent, Request, Decision, Interest, Clothes, Killer, Native, Cottage, Dynamite
Wordbrain Vampire 2 – Separate, Contrast, Ambition, Typical, Talent, Monitor, Depend, Molecule, Within
Wordbrain Vampire 3 – Lovely, Assign, Fourth, Founder, Toaster, Question, Employer, Mortgage, Junction
Wordbrain Vampire 4 – Positive, Perform, Graduate, Addition, Tunnel, Deserve, Practice, Headquarters
Wordbrain Vampire 5 – Delivery, Reform, Cinema, Suggest, Capacity, Mission, Baseball, Volume, Enormous
Wordbrain Vampire 6 – Minister, Position ,Dominate ,Trouble, Senior, Affect, Defend, Adjust, Criticism
Wordbrain Vampire 7 – Satisfy, Meeting, Mittens, Operator, Favorite, Average, Governor, Relationship
Wordbrain Vampire 8 – Result, Withdraw, Needle, Really, Actual, Fortune, Collect, Defeat, Distribution
Wordbrain Vampire 9 – Presence, Indian, Exceed, Dramatic, Exciting, Manager, Almost, Dividend, Helpful
Wordbrain Vampire 10 – Relief, Insect, Insist, Pancake, Change, Because, Observer, Prompt, Surprisingly
Wordbrain Vampire 11 – Holder, Button, Adequate, Tennis, Galaxy, Channel, Planning, Ladder, Independent
Wordbrain Vampire 12 – Apparent, Powerful, Return, Equally, Language, Entirely, Fellow, Destroy, Butter
Wordbrain Vampire 13 – Twelve, Horror, Gather, Versus, Crisis, Stomach, Pressure, Little, Courage, Profit
Wordbrain Vampire 14 – Describe, Observe, Mosquito, Specific, Intend, Advocate, Bronze, provider, Prism
Wordbrain Vampire 15 – Closer, Northern, Largely, Instinct, Avenue, Particle, Inquiry, Movement, Recall
Wordbrain Vampire 16 – Announce, League, Curtain, Protect, Engine, Location, Trader, Butcher, Encounter
Wordbrain Vampire 17 – Empire, Honest, Directly, Persuade, silver, Always, Overall, Remark, Mathematics
Wordbrain Vampire 18 – Notion, Around, Brother, Remember, Second, Density, Autonomy, Stance, Distribute
Wordbrain Vampire 19 – Animal, Derive, Farmer, Shadow, Glance, Section, Imagine, Occasion, Significance
Wordbrain Vampire 20 – Criteria, Leisure, Credit, Emotion, Everyday, Kitchen, Outline, Improve, Compete

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