WordBrain Unicorn Answers

By | February 11, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Unicorn Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


WordBrain Unicorn 1 – Center, Muscle, Path, Mountain, Screw, Hook, Vertical, Scooter, Stop, Tongue, Cat, Jam (RPTRRALE)
WordBrain Unicorn 2 – Anchor, Egg, Vampire, Shorts, Cake, Celery, Magnet, Football, Napkin, Robot, Well, Box (BYTONEBG)

WordBrain Unicorn 3 – Sausage, Tomato, Deep, Nail, Crack, Whisper, Middle, Launch, Pear, Cashier, Jug, Purse (ARELECEU)
WordBrain Unicorn 4 – Antenna, Barn, Cap, Patch, Iceberg, Dinosaur, Scales, Lighter, Female, Crow, Left, Elk (KWGELTLA)
WordBrain Unicorn 5 – Cupboard, Comb, Rocket, Panties, Pigsty, Carrot, Tooth, Card, Chain, Lollipop, Shoes (OIHOYEDH)
WordBrain Unicorn 6 – Ladder, belt, cyclops, toaster, sun, skis, sheriff, stern, knife, turkey, cabbage, bag (LKIYSKGE)
WordBrain Unicorn 7 – Picture, Safe, Flag, Ghost, Rooster, Pliers, Brush, Bacon, Multiply, Doorbell, Smell (GLALSLSM)
WordBrain Unicorn 8 – Sword, Tail, Spray, Balls, Ship, Buckle, Medal, Game, Finger, South, Target, Yacht, Oval (ECYERLTH)
WordBrain Unicorn 9 – Whisper, Plum, Cream, Ferry, Painter, Dice, Fork, Angel, Record, Floor, Loop, Windmill (LLOTFREY)
WordBrain Unicorn 10 – earth, swan, shin, barrel, knuckle, kitchen, glass, axe, mail, file, arrow, chicken, sad (AENWHLXF)
WordBrain Unicorn 11 – joker,raincoat,grass,pump,suitcase,dart,bathroom,elevator,cucumber,shorts (CTRRPAES)
WordBrain Unicorn 12 – Waffle, jacket, window, meadow, Slippers, talk, shoulder, Porridge, field, balloon (SRNOLEWD)
WordBrain Unicorn 13 – Chimney, lava, camera, grapes, Customer, face, divide, trombone, monster, Wolf, moth (RABFLHRD)
WordBrain Unicorn 14 – Wing, board, knee, scarf, Painter, pen, whale, lantern, Japan, string, mosquito, olive (PEMOIAES)
WordBrain Unicorn 15 – Haystack, glue, lamp, magnet, Purse, sail, bedroom, trousers, teapot, postcard, sink (MARTKTSD)
WordBrain Unicorn 16 – Edge, Butter, Sword, Cereal, Helmet, Launch, Book, Block, Kitten, Chair, Dress, Hammer (MTRARKLR)

WordBrain Unicorn 17 – Paint, Pyramid, Shout, Jar, Tooth, Eagle, Drink, Wheel, Tie, Cucumber, Maze, Music, Pipe (SEOCMUPI)
WordBrain Unicorn 18 – Rabbit, Whistle, Feather, Scales, Cube, Castle, Eat, Soap, Cow, Crab, Mouse, Bomb, Mouth (IMBOCHMB)
WordBrain Unicorn 19 – Thumb, Shout, Mailbox, Door, Boots, Vampire, Fruit, Zipper, Stripe, Coconut, Deep, Bee (PDRTEURR)
WordBrain Unicorn 20 – Face, Moss, Question, Hen, Smell, Steak, Panties, Pepper, Missile, Scale, Witch, Shirt (TRSSEHCA)

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