WordBrain Teacher Answers

By | February 11, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Teacher Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


WordBrain Teacher 1 – Monster, Mast, Raincoat, Heel, Infinity, Cream, Envelope, Skirt (RLSTMTA)
WordBrain Teacher 2 – Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Fulltab, Shout (PHADAFL)

WordBrain Teacher 3 – Lemon, Clown, TV, Barrel, Cyclops, Hook, Sawdust, Elevator, Lorry (RYOEOTS)
WordBrain Teacher 4 – Tie, Cereal, Face, Chicken, Barrel, Chair, Medal, Mast, Cane, Kayak (TLRKKNC)
WordBrain Teacher 5 – Silo, Mince, Overbite, Cup, Jump, Whale, Sail, Trombone, Thumb, Jam (ETEEEPJ)
WordBrain Teacher 6 – Saucer, Pyramid, Stern, Earth, Scale, Mouth, Tall, Owl, Cabin, Comb (RLTOCBB)
WordBrain Teacher 7 – Necklace, DART, Plate, Elephant, Eraser, Egg, Suitcase, Whistle (ECETSEW)
WordBrain Teacher 8 – Cup, Scar, Thick, Ruler, Football, Fly, Roof, Scale, Pulltab, Shout (EFSTSYK)
WordBrain Teacher 9 – Chin, Petal, Carrot, Headband, Down, Flagpole, Cufflink, Cheese (OTEEETN)
WordBrain Teacher 11 – Toaster, House, Laugh, Owl, Window, Anvil, Flower, Sword, Monster (DAMREWR)
WordBrain Teacher 12 – Pencil, Rifle, Tug, Suugar, Angle, Kite, Barbell, Bomb, Sickle, Root (BMRKGRO)
WordBrain Teacher 13 – Sad, Prism, Bacon, Heart, Swan, Cheese, Grenade, Safe, Dress, Spray (SEEYSRE)
WordBrain Teacher 14 – Bacon, Flag, Brick, Slippers, Jam, Cashier, Wing, Elephant, Ghost (BAIRTNS)
WordBrain Teacher 15 – Book, Pepper, Sink, Cookie, Hen, Dentist, Church, smile, suitcase (ESHCOST)
WordBrain Teacher 16 – Necklace, Rifle, Owl, Necktie, Path, North, Dinosaur, Ruler, Bell, (RSAEILL)

WordBrain Teacher 17 – Doorbell, Deep, Buckle, Crown, Soap, Pump, Knuckle, Painter, Dice (PRDIKEB)
WordBrain Teacher 18 – Sofa, Honey , Barbell, Boot, Plum, Cookie, Center, Pumpkin, Pencil (TILLEYC)
WordBrain Teacher 19 – Showwer, Handball, Turtle, Trowel, Tail, Swing, Icicle, Vertical (TLWLCEA)
WordBrain Teacher 20 – Idea, Dominoes, Keyhole, Stereo, Surgery, Large, Arrow, Coconut (AEELUWC)

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