Wordbrain Pumpking Answers

By | December 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Pumpking Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Pumpking 1 – Supposed, Attempt, Monopoly, Engineer, Delegate, Concrete, Stream, Immediately
Wordbrain Pumpking 2 – Padlock, circuit, Possibly, Insight, Colonel, Location, Minister, Contemporary
Wordbrain Pumpking 3 – Forget, Academic, Organize, Famous, Proposed, Creation, Finance, Dispute, Create
Wordbrain Pumpking 4 – Upstairs, Excuse, Compete, Kitten, Strong, Clothing, Fifteen, Guilty, Suggestion
Wordbrain Pumpking 5 – String, Persuade, Helmet, Computer, Breathe, Agency, Presence, Rather, Criticism
Wordbrain Pumpking 6 – Worker, Follow, Golden, Always, Investor, Pillar, Anyone, Unlikely, Presidential
Wordbrain Pumpking 7 – Progress, Ethics, Electric, Future, Slippers, Together, acquire, Nursery, Grapes
Wordbrain Pumpking 8 – Changing, Arrange, Visitor, Molecule, Entire, Desert, Monster, Advanced, Nowhere
Wordbrain Pumpking 10 – Circle, Killer, Instance, Radical, Hundred, Rapidly, Library, Grammar, Condition
Wordbrain Pumpking 11 – Weekend, Courage, Apparent, Billion, Broken, Dramatic, Beside, Tenant, Reinforce
Wordbrain Pumpking 12 – Suddenly, Convince, Attorney, Darling, Tonight, Official, Double, Investigator
Wordbrain Pumpking 13 – Effort, Literary, Manner, Slightly, Generate, Overlook, Moderate, Distribution
Wordbrain Pumpking 14 – Pretend, Bronze, Landing, Cinema, Refugee, Whatever, Closer, Adjust, Competition
Wordbrain Pumpking 15 – Weakness, Teaspoon, Exactly, Unusual, Employee, Interval, Develop, Appointment
Wordbrain Pumpking 16 – Action, Result, Ongoing, Cousin, Lecture, Sequence, Stinger, Saddle, Acknowledge
Wordbrain Pumpking 17 – Nearby, Portrait, Clinc, Accuse, Shopping, Midnight, Status, Tendency, Assembly
Wordbrain Pumpking 18 – Import, Embrace, Garage, German, Interest, Message, Personal, Script, Assumption
Wordbrain Pumpking 19 – Planning, Approach, Ambition, Vertical, Column, Weather, Anyway, Recently, Sweet
Wordbrain Pumpking 20 – Arrival, Purchase, Person, Building, Around, Except, Producer, Speaker, Disposal

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