WordBrain Monster Answers

By | February 11, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Monster Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


WordBrain Monster 1 – Dream, Pillar, Block, Shoes, Trunk, Tongue, Funnel, Owl, Iron, Smoke, Happy, Tail, Rifle (HSKNAALR)
WordBrain Monster 2 – Dice, Knee, Moss, Bathroom, Soup, Plum, Shirt, Crow, Chicken, Neck, Lorry, Bedroom, Blow (NORSOOML)

WordBrain Monster 3 – Iceberg, Teapot, Castle, Purse, Crab, Heel, Swan, Tent, Lip, Cereal, Gloves, Full, Dress (TCLEPSLD)
WordBrain Monster 4 – Corner, Shorts, Ship, Maze, Well, Tree, Box, Card, Toaster, Eskimo, House, Waffle, Music (ICLEBPIO)
WordBrain Monster 5 – Pencil, Mosquito, Rabbit, Planet, Glue, Stripe, String, Raincoat, Boots, Shovel, Hat (LTLONATB)
WordBrain Monster 6 – Elephant, Large, Picture, Axe, Yacht, Think, Board, Camera, Knuckle, Smell, Grass, Ham (YHASHESL)
WordBrain Monster 7 – Pig, Bone, Wing, Ladder, Earring, Elevator, Mountain, Ball, Meat, Orange, Ferry, Crack (BNTNRATE)
WordBrain Monster 8 – Postcard, lemon, turkey, percent, doorbell, window, plate, heart, period, eagle, cap (LLWCIDPD)
WordBrain Monster 9 – Loop, pancake, rocket, thick, cherry, panda, eyeball, steak, tug, mosquito, cork, scar (BAROIRYU)
WordBrain Monster 10 – male, vertical,small,upstairs,glass,key,divide,butcher,blouse,cart,bow,clown (SELHSLRT)
WordBrain Monster 11 – bomb. ruler,kick,monster,cupboard,punch,shin,honey,shield,jug,fang,soup,money (SENPJLKG)
WordBrain Monster 12 – Cream, sail, stereo, clam, root, barn, moon, haystack, dinosaur, spoon, path, flag, blow (IAPONOMI)
WordBrain Monster 13 – screw, napkin, pumpkin, hatchet, anchor, crow, pliers, whale, saddle, house, sun, Mail (SUWSEDNT)
WordBrain Monster 14 – Finger, listen, beard, envelope, game, file, butter, lighter, laugh, tin, volcano, cup (IAREEMIL)
WordBrain Monster 15 – Pie, Bell, Face, Horse, Antenna, Skull, Robot, Left, Hen, Owl, Cheese, Arrow, Plum, Faucet (TTATEUWL)
WordBrain Monster 16 – Grenade, Profit, Purse, Cashier, Pen, Apple, Church, Flower, Lens, Dynamite, Cow, Knee (NTETEPSE)

WordBrain Monster 17 – Lantern, Earth Whistle, Question, Paddle Swing, Arm, Lava, Fin, Turtle, Wolf, Funnel (RMEDEENG)
WordBrain Monster 18 – Multiply, Slippers, Nail, Trophy, Mountain, Salt, Timber, Aerial, Orange, Floor, Ask (ERAFKNTM)
WordBrain Monster 19 – Tail, Sword, Sail, Chainsaw, Ghost, Fork, Marble, Painter, Bullet, Empty, Yacht, Peace (PELETWID)
WordBrain Monster 20 – Shirt, Plane, Chin, Milk, Maze, Square, Bald, Muscle, Mailbox, Salute, Safe, Napkin, Jar (EESNNRSP)

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