WordBrain Minotaur Answers

By | June 13, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Minotaur Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Minotaur 1 – Saving, Combine, Pepper, Designer, Offence, Disagree, Around, Relate, Sufficient
Wordbrain Minotaur 2 – Creation, Northern, Degree, Muscle , Currency, Imagine, Priority, Tenant, Clearly
Wordbrain Minotaur 3 – Makeup,, Reform, Locate, Consent, Question, Kitchen, Energy, Creative, University
Wordbrain Minotaur 4 – Partly, Winter, Murder, Captain, Electric, Segment, Poetry, Routine, Participate
Wordbrain Minotaur 5 – Inquiry, Survival, Survey, Welcome, Sanction, Silver, Database, Addition, Visual
Wordbrain Minotaur 6 – Merely, Unless, Express, Button, Smooth, Inside, Nation, Instance, Parent, Charity
Wordbrain Minotaur 7 – String, Closer, Gently, Medicine, Forget, Taxation, Organic, Server, Cholesterol
Wordbrain Minotaur 8 – Emerge, Involved, Notice, Consume, Weapon, Frequent, Storage, Display, Counselor
Wordbrain Minotaur 9 – Wealthy, Density, Festival, Quarter, Suicide, Uniform, Argument, Audience, Carry
Wordbrain Minotaur 10 – Treaty, Surround, Disaster, Series, Coverage, Comment, External, Appeal, Scholar
Wordbrain Minotaur 11 – Position, Summit, Object, Normal, Pretty, Activist, Arrive, Afraid, Presidential
Wordbrain Minotaur 12 – Toward, Learning, Critic, Auditor, Surgery, Senior, Choice, Recipe, Prescription
Wordbrain Minotaur 13 – Cluster, Enormous, Address, Budget, Taxpayer, Priest, Specific, Prompt, Instinct
Wordbrain Minotaur 14 – Supreme, Tribunal, Possible, Everyone, Resident, Rating, Privacy, Distribution
Wordbrain Minotaur 15 – Equally, Carriage, Supplier, Shelter, Packet, Rather, Previous, Somebody, Dealer
Wordbrain Minotaur 16 – Dividend, Likely, Differ, Clinical, Manage, Radical, Colony, Effort, Fundamental
Wordbrain Minotaur 17 – Lovely, resist, remember, premium, pressure, Emphasis, assess, interior, restore
Wordbrain Minotaur 18 – Mention, faculty, driver, carrier, affect, failure, Duration, exceed, impossible
Wordbrain Minotaur 19 – Vessel, scared, sequence, intend, standing, Central, glance, critical, typically
Wordbrain Minotaur 20 – Facility, bronze, whatever, embrace, explain, Basket, numerous, invite, interest

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