Wordbrain Martian Answers

By | October 3, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Martian Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Martian 1 – Dominate, Military, Knuckle, Profit, Governor, Essence, Impact, Diagonal, Deputy
Wordbrain Martian 2 – Interior, Develop, Changing, Junction, Growing, Catholic, Terrible, Apparently
Wordbrain Martian 3 – Grocery, Secret, Receiver, Northern, Headline, Behavior, Elephant, Development
Wordbrain Martian 4 – Article, Asleep, Respond, Editor, Excuse, Testing, Economic, Moderate, Furniture
Wordbrain Martian 5 – Credit, Resist, Biscuit, fiction, Internal, Examine, Pencil, Edition, Republican
Wordbrain Martian 6 – Signal, Cookie, Visible, Colonial, Devote, Barrel, Medicine, Danger, Comfortable
Wordbrain Martian 7 – Indicate, Whistle, Unique, Educator, Easter, Evolve, Several, Windmill, Assembly
Wordbrain Martian 8 – Powerful, Record, Criteria, Attend, Corridor, Nuclear, Believe, Oxygen, Umbrella
Wordbrain Martian 9 – Resolve, Hammer, Mistake, Meeting, Soccer, Federal, Dining, Retain, Successfully
Wordbrain Martian 10 – Hunting, Service, Contest, Simply, Parking, Accident, Dentist, Promote, Analysis
Wordbrain Martian 11 – Confront, Mirror, Workshop, Lecture, Receive, Unicycle, Fighting, Championship
Wordbrain Martian 12 – Secure, Fighter, Darling, Plastic, Anyway, Directly, Studio, Working, Government
Wordbrain Martian 13 – Absence, Abandon, Coffee, Pillar, Machine, Teaching, Search, Burden, Expectation
Wordbrain Martian 14 – Withdraw, science, button, surface, beneath, anchor, announce, material, provide
Wordbrain Martian 15 – Founder, official, cooking, mosquito, career, somebody, shallow, abroad, episode
Wordbrain Martian 16 – Already, magnet, gesture, overlook, reward, clothing, constant, woodpile, assist
Wordbrain Martian 17 – Genetic, haystack, shield, travel, perceive, decline, moment, village, economist
Wordbrain Martian 18 – Bright, Symbol, Veteran, Stereo, Goldfish, Heritage, Citizen, Punishment
Wordbrain Martian 19 – Medical, Except, Bureau, Context, Mystery, Publicly, Thinking, Sphere, Supporter
Wordbrain Martian 20 – Absorb, Recipe, Business, Broken, Singer, Summary, Overcome, Station, Conference

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