WordBrain Griffin Answers

By | August 9, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Griffin Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Griffin 1 – Taxation, Appoint, Arrive, Hunting, Diagram, Somewhat, Sergeant, Golden, Working
Wordbrain Griffin 2 – External, Explain, Liberty, Compound, Action, Spirit, Length, Gifted, Researcher
Wordbrain Griffin 3 – Mother, Thesis, Member, Athletic, Nothing, Always, Avenue, Compete, Intellectual
Wordbrain Griffin 4 – Suggest, Strength, Empire, Anymore, Artistic, Instance, Receipt, Priority, Since
Wordbrain Griffin 5 – Easily, Discount, Sympathy, Protect, Shortage, Entire, Everyday, Hearing, Inside
Wordbrain Griffin 6 – Twenty, Parish, Minority, Creditor, Reader, Mental, Rapidly, Spread, Maintenance
Wordbrain Griffin 7 – Remember, Publish, Compose, Neighbor, Schedule, Copper, Quarter, Assure, Pretend
Wordbrain Griffin 8 – Assume, Equation, Purpose, Instinct, Musician, Shopping, Recovery, Essentially
Wordbrain Griffin 9 – Response, Governor, Organism, Launch, Butter, Teaching, Merger, Script, Corridor
Wordbrain Griffin 10 – Declare, Powder, Scream,Database, Majority, Leaflet, Congress, Provider, Repair
Wordbrain Griffin 11 – Creation, Justify, Emerge, Liberal, Percent, Package, Anyway, Colony, Collective
Wordbrain Griffin 12 – Surprise, Certain, Expect, Sudden, Senator, Minimum, Taxpayer, Public, Professor
Wordbrain Griffin 13 – Towards, Resort, Nursery, Temple, Palace, College, Island, Symbol, Slightly, Crowd
Wordbrain Griffin 14 – Concept, Create, Because, Wedding, Analyst, Measure, Killing, Teacher, Consensus
Wordbrain Griffin 15 – Effect, Weakness, Afford, Church, Portion, Defense, Brother, Distinct, Temporary
Wordbrain Griffin 16 – Editor, Context, Testify, Dehind, Balance, Terrace, Clothing, Foreign, Technique
Wordbrain Griffin 17 – Village, Regional, Target, Religion, Founder, Remove, Invasion, Recall, Marriage
Wordbrain Griffin 18 – Faculty, Estimate, Impress, Active, Enormous, Resist, Delivery, Herself, Combine
Wordbrain Griffin 19 – Motion, Million, Element, Prison, Career, Visible, Announce, Release, Tablespoon
Wordbrain Griffin 20 – Offence, Glance, Burden, Fairly, Excuse, Quickly, Unlike, Strategy, Contemporary

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