Wordbrain Goblin Answers

By | December 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Goblin Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Goblin 1 – Differ, Opinion, Trustee, Satisfy, Subject, Location, Downtown, Romantic, Income
Wordbrain Goblin 2 – Goldfish, Function, Junction, Unusual, Channel, Mostly, Portray, Announce, Quite
Wordbrain Goblin 3 – Crisis, Running, Freeze, Colonel, Tribunal, Reveal, Changing, Surgery, Reference
Wordbrain Goblin 4 – Pumpkin, Veteran, Activity, Finance, Stream, Musical, Initial, Eastern, Violence
Wordbrain Goblin 5 – Fantasy, Episode, Journey, Birthday, Remain, Premium, Utility, Testify, Shopping
Wordbrain Goblin 6 – Office, Consider, Derive, Account, Victim, Decide, Numerous, Winner, Participate
Wordbrain Goblin 7 – Select, Haystack, Duration, Database, Border, Congress, Landing, Anything, Devil
Wordbrain Goblin 8 – Official, Spending, Mirror, Decision, Affair, Wealth, Forest, Sister, Reflection
Wordbrain Goblin 9 – Contract, Business, Magnet, Paddle, Benefit, Forever, Ceremony, External, Beside
Wordbrain Goblin 10 – Feather, Training, Toward, Opposite, Analyst, Convert, Medicine, Society, Recall
Wordbrain Goblin 11 – Surprise, Detailed, Retire, Taxation, Wealthy, Island, Resident, Threaten, Where
Wordbrain Goblin 12 – Talent, Soldier, Rubbish, Toaster, Document, Probably, Stereo, Shortage, Include
Wordbrain Goblin 13 – Propose, Nobody, Gender, Heaven, Broken, National, Friend, Branch, Element, Saving
Wordbrain Goblin 14 – Woodpile, Formal, Proposal, Perfect, Sickle, Expect, Ultimate, Explore, Whenever
Wordbrain Goblin 15 – Assure, Presence, Ethics, Wedding, Inspire, Reading, Activist, Involve, Minority
Wordbrain Goblin 16 – Oppose, Banana, Disaster, Category, Directly, Economic, Friendly, Presidential
Wordbrain Goblin 17 – Replace, Massive, Summit, Universe, Achieve, Criminal, Analyze, Aircraft, Common
Wordbrain Goblin 18 – Exceed, Padlock, Entrance, People, Creative, Copper, Digital, Closer, Proportion
Wordbrain Goblin 19 – Variable, Output, Warmth, Stripe, Casualty, Faculty, Existing, Respond, Colonial
Wordbrain Goblin 20 – Receive, Peasant, Express, Various, Hammer, Tenant, Holiday, Answer, Perspective

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