Wordbrain Genie Answers

By | December 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Genie Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Genie 1 – ominant, Equation, Settle, Absolute, Critic, Versus, Surgery, Arrival, Violence
Wordbrain Genie 2 – redit, Another, Stripe, Herself, Sphere, Feature, Except, Headline, Imagination
Wordbrain Genie 3 – eenager, Bathroom, Concrete, Spinach, Drawing, Flight, Designer, Contribution
Wordbrain Genie 4 – reserve, Seminar, Income, Diverse, Disease, Monster, Suggest, Plenty, Container
Wordbrain Genie 5 – erfect, Section, Squeeze, However, Brother, Sandwich, Limited, Cactus, Attention
Wordbrain Genie 6 – mperor, Suddenly, Storage, Chainsaw, Spring, Capable, Sausage, Budget, Complain
Wordbrain Genie 7 – odiac, Bishop, Terrace, Remember, Liberty, Require, Possess, Operate, Virtually
Wordbrain Genie 8 – escribe, Search, Estimate, Apparent, Depict, Boundary, Wisdom, Fourth, Directly
Wordbrain Genie 9 – Practice, Numerous, Listen, Identify, Priest, Sequence, Action, Ordinary, Anchor
Wordbrain Genie 10 – Pension, Motion, Regular, Reporter, Pleasure, Running, Custom, Tongue, Technique
Wordbrain Genie 11 – Relate, Assume, Deficit, Release, Trading, Symbol, Unicycle, Holiday, Membership
Wordbrain Genie 12 – Suppose, Evolve, Forever, Subject, Housing, Capital, Control, Double, Opposition
Wordbrain Genie 13 – Whether, Magazine, Butcher, Compound, Return, Backpack, Ministry, Occasionally
Wordbrain Genie 14 – Scissors, Import, Fashion, Vision, Banana, Glance, Shopping, Formal, Improvement
Wordbrain Genie 15 – Accurate, unusual, Easily, Attend, Artist, Funnel, Property, Matter, Destruction
Wordbrain Genie 16 – Captain, Molecule, Elderly, Category, Bottle, Shoulder, Literary, Specifically
Wordbrain Genie 17 – Conduct, Gesture, Medicine, Nearly, Infant, Wander, Writer, Whenever, Nomination
Wordbrain Genie 18 – Goldfish, Summer, Review, Upstairs, Better, Appoint, Attorney, County, Emphasize
Wordbrain Genie 19 Answers – Battle, likely, Whisper, Invasion, Always, Crisis, Stranger, Aerial, Conservative
Wordbrain Genie 20 Answers – Province, Empire, Discount, Develop, Surely, Mainly, Missile, Create, Commitment

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