Wordbrain Dwarf Answers

By | December 1, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Dwarf Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


Wordbrain Dwarf 1 – Triplets, Receipt, Arrival, Bother, Advance, Overlook, Chapter, Marble, Observer
Wordbrain Dwarf 2 – Sample, Bullet, Supplier, Install, Sergeant, Compose, Airline, Absence, Document
Wordbrain Dwarf 3 – Witness, Province, Deficit, Casualty, Shortly, Breast, Heritage, Manner, Consent
Wordbrain Dwarf 4 – Center, Shooting, Portion, Annual, Overbite, Nearly, Adviser, Filter, Permission
Wordbrain Dwarf 5 – Together, Doghouse, Funeral, Champion, Indicate, Curious, Source, Increasingly
Wordbrain Dwarf 6 – Resist, Threaten, Follow, Cookie, Running, Roughly, Towards, Reletive, According
Wordbrain Dwarf 7 – Deliver, Program, Leaflet, Struggle, Disorder, Stable, Friendly, Unicycle, Alone
Wordbrain Dwarf 8 – Female, Ordinary, Protein, Hunter, Special, Approval, Native, Traffic, Household
Wordbrain Dwarf 9 – Evidence, Method, Creation, Expose, Depend, Rocket, Prayer, Exercise, Subsequent
Wordbrain Dwarf 10 – Initial, Consumer, Compass, Include, Whenever, Revenue, Solution, Presidential
Wordbrain Dwarf 11 – Amount, Frequent, Diagonal, Credit, Accident, Industry, Nuclear, Wander, English
Wordbrain Dwarf 12 – Average, Window, Product, Editor, Severe, Weapon, Molecule, Scissors, Regulation
Wordbrain Dwarf 13 – Warmth, Outline, Regular, Antenna, Without, Constant, Collect, Actual, Elsewhere
Wordbrain Dwarf 14 – Pursue, Choose, Instead, Resident, Previous, Pension, Ladder, Propose, Supporter
Wordbrain Dwarf 15 – Designer, Trainer, Detect, Addition, Consider, Herself, Bright, Extreme
Wordbrain Dwarf 16 – Specimen, Record, People, Recruit, Demand, Advocate, Movement, Satisfy, Proposal
Wordbrain Dwarf 17 – Multiple, Vessel, Slippers, Prefer, Cinema, Standing, Whereas, Comfort, Alliance
Wordbrain Dwarf 18 – effort, trouble, colony, permit, because, decline, poetry, makeup, medical, abroad
Wordbrain Dwarf 19 – Maintain, Priest, Tissue, Powder, Separate, Formula, Zipper, Channel, Vulnerable
Wordbrain Dwarf 20 – Schedule, Curtain, Unique, Loyalty, Active, Refuse, Birthday, Colonial, Survivor

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