WordBrain Doctor Answers

By | February 11, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain Doctor Level Pack. If you need help with any specific puzzle pack comment here.


WordBrain Doctor 1 – Palm, Nose, Bacon, Waffle, Wing, Duckling, Full, Mountain, Rocket (FLOTAIR)
WordBrain Doctor 2 – Dice, Tooth, Handball, Wheel, Bed, plum, Doorbell, Umbrella, Shin (DALDNLE)

WordBrain Doctor 3 – Haystack, Tennis, Tug, Punch, Saw, Stern, Window, Jacket, Surgery (ITRYWTN)
WordBrain Doctor 4 – Compass, Igloo, Football, Trophy, Thin, Gloves, Root, Sign, Sword (OTOVOWS)
WordBrain Doctor 5 – Loop, Fish, Swing, Doctor, Overlap, South, Turtle, Drip, Knife, Jar (JRILROH)
WordBrain Doctor 6 – Tug, Shield, Odd, Sink, Teapot, Barbell, Mouse, Kick, Skis, Vampire (SELKNET)
WordBrain Doctor 7 – Chainsaw, Lawn, Bedroom, Pancake, Patient, Moss, Neck, Cup, Witch (CTSTWAN)
WordBrain Doctor 8 – Scarf, Flagpole, Maze, Teapot, Table, Multiply, Cactus, Kitchen (EENPTZT)
WordBrain Doctor 9 – Root, Flagpole, Bat, Silo, Smile, Eraser, Doghouse, Dream, Paddle (SOMPADD)
WordBrain Doctor 10 – Silo, Talk, Chair, Aerial, Cemetery, Swan, Lorry, Icicle, Necktie (NLCRARK)
WordBrain Doctor 11 – Igloo, Brick, Doorbell, Goat, Butcher, Brush, Wide, Record, South (WTLERRD)
WordBrain Doctor 12 – Duck, Corn, Witch, Cereal, Tepee, Oar, cat, Block, Jacket, Customer (RRTATCB)
WordBrain Doctor 13 – Pliers, Lapel, Knee, Crown, Saucer, Robot, Talk, Shoelace, Faucet (KOSLEFE)
WordBrain Doctor 14 – Boot, Doll, Patient, Pen, Bat, Painter, Skull, Shoes, Kayak, Pigsty (NKYGETR)
WordBrain Doctor 15 – Fist, Cabbage, haystack, Straw, Jam, Petal, Umbrella, Sugar, Jump (GHJPRAL)
WordBrain Doctor 16 – Glass, Mast, Apple, Saucer, Muscle, Left, Ghost, Pie, Bread, Anchor (LDBRACCA)

WordBrain Doctor 17 – Trowel, Turtle, File, Shout, Edge, Timber, Church, Middle, Puzzle (TOWELZE)
WordBrain Doctor 18 – Suitcase, Heel, Purse, Loop, Paddle, Cupboard, Mountain , Faucet (LEEUTDA)
WordBrain Doctor 19 – Purse, Idea, Carrot, Field, Dart, Onion, Scissors, Smile, Pulltab (SMRNETB)
WordBrain Doctor 20 – Mail, Horse, Bat, Balloon, Helmet, Bee, Monster, File, Safe, Tennis (TSNTEEE)

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