Wordbrain 2 Psychology Answers

By | February 4, 2017

Here are the answers to Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level. It belongs to Word Legend 5×6. All Words are related to this theme.

Wordbrain 2 answers

Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level 1 – pattern, life, addiction, dream, human, traumatic, anxiety, phobia, fear (ANNTITE)
Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level 2 – amygdala, mood, therapy, brain, cognition, perception, amnesia, coping (AOEODCG)

Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level 3 – altruism, neuron, attitude, attachment, motivation, behavior, drives (AMTINOD)
Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level 4 – decision, cerebrum, ego, reflex, norms, catharsis, stress, axon, pattern (MUNSRRD)
Wordbrain 2 Psychology Level 5 – health, disorder, instinct, bipolar, personality, traits, thalamus, ID (ILAIYMT)

One thought on “Wordbrain 2 Psychology Answers

  1. Teresa Gillon

    I’m having major problem solving puzzle 3. I get 4 words through attachment. Tells me to do in order and try redoing words. I do in order, rearrange letters in the words some, still can get it. Need a hint or something to show what I need to do


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