The Best Baby Car Mirror Buying Guide

Driving with your beloved baby strapped in it’s rear baby car seat can be distracting especially at times when it stays quiet. The irresistible desire to have an eye on your child is unavoidable and thanks to the birth of Baby Car Mirrors, the task of driving and having an eye on your child occasionally can be accomplished with ease.

What is the Need For Buying a Baby Car Mirror?

When you are in the process of making up your mind to buy the best baby car mirror, you find a lot of confused parents who talk in favor of and against the choice of going for a baby car mirror. While a few consider it to be dangerous in the event of collisions or accidents, most of the parents justify the usage of a baby car mirror with the fact that your baby could be in imminent danger due an awkward sitting posture or with its blanket suffocating it. While these are just a few situations which your baby could encounter while traveling with you in the car, the baby car mirror helps in all of these situations where you would be able to effectively spot and rectify any source of discomfort to your child.

Things to Consider While Buying A Baby Car Mirror

Considering the fact that most of the Baby Car Mirrors are designed for the cars which have a headrest in the backseat, it is important to scrutinize the baby car mirror before deciding which one suits your car well.

Best Baby Car Mirror Reviews – List for 2016

Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror

Cozy Green ® Baby Car Mirror

Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror has been one of the best-sellers in its segment thanks to its pricing and its predominantly positive reviews. This Baby Car Mirror has been made of shatter proof glass and it has been crash tested as well, which adds onto the level of reliability which this product has to offer.

There are absolutely no gruesome installation steps and the Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror comes with a simple secure strap system which makes it easily mountable.

The physical strength of this product is commendable even though it is light in weight and is pretty durable. Apart from all this, you have a guarantee for lifetime money back in case of product malfunction or poor quality.


  • Shatter Proof Glass
  • Easy installation – No Assembly required
  • Crash tested and Patent Approved
  • Clearest View – 360 degree tiltable – Guarantees full view of your baby from head to toe.
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee for No Satisfaction


  • Applicable only for rear seats with headrest.]

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#1 Back Seat Mirror – Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror

While this Back Seat Mirror does not come from a reputed brand li#1 Back Seat Mirror - Baby & Mom Rear View Baby Mirror - Easily Watch your Precious Child In-Car - Adjustable, Convex and Shatterproof Glasske Cozy Green, this baby car mirror has proven to be one of the best buys under this category.

It comes with a wide angle convex mirror which gives full view of your baby all the time. The mirror is absolutely safe as it is light in weight like the Cozy Greens Baby Car Mirror and it is made of polymer plastic which ensures considerably high levels of durability. The glass is acrylic and shatter proof as well making it one of the safest baby car mirrors to use.


  • Acrylic glass – Shatter Proof
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • 360 Degree adjustability
  • Wide angle Convex Mirror


  • Rear seat headrest is required.

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Broadway BW846 300mm Type-A Flat Baby Car Mirror

While the first two options have a bigger glass which guarantees a bigger image of your baby in the backseat, the Broadway flat mirror is for parents who think that the bigger mirrors distract them.

The Broadway flat baby car mirror has a seaBroadway BW846 300mm Type-A Flat Mirrormless black trim and a flat wide mirror which looks simple yet elegant. Most importantly, this baby car mirror clips itself perfectly onto the existing mirror.

The dimensions of the mirror are 30 cm X 6.5 cm and it is wide enough for you to get a decent view of your baby at all times.

The Broadway baby car mirror fits on to any rear view mirror which has a height of 55 to 80 mm. This should not be a concern for you as most of the standard rear view mirrors fall under this dimension.


  • Mirror can be adjusted up to 180 degrees.
  • Ability to be clipped to existing mirrors – Does not require rear headrest.


  • Mirror is not made of shatter proof  glass.

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DaffaDoot Baby Car Mirror

DaffaDoot Baby Car Mirror is undoubtedly one of the best buys in the Baby Car Mirror segment.This mirror possesses the right amount of curvature with shatterproof glass which is a major plus. The mirror is easy to install which can be accomplished within seconds. However, seats with headrests are required for proper installation. This baby mirror sports a very clear mirror which guarantees a clean view to keep an eye on your baby.


  • Shatter Proof Glass
  • Easy installation
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty


  • Requires seats with headrest

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Dwelling Place Baby Car Mirror 

Another great alternative when it comes to high quality Baby Car Mirrors is the Dwelling Place Baby Car Mirror. The  rear facing mirror is#1 Premium Back Seat Mirror - Clear Reflection & Shatterproof | Monitor your Rear Facing Infant in Car Seat Carrier | Add to your Baby Registry or Buy for a Useful Shower Gift made of shatter proof glass which is safety or crash tested as well.

The mirror comes with free stroller hooks which is another reason why should consider going in for this baby car mirror. The packaging of Dwelling Place stands out and the mirror itself is beautifully designed as well. The installation steps are pretty simple and it is easily adjustable.


  • Crash tested and patent approved shatterproof surface
  • Lifetime money back Guarantee
  • Excellent design and packaging
  • Limited Period offer – Free Stroller Hooks worth $14.99


  • Mirror clarity issues
  • Requires seat with headrests.

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